Just a few of the Nebraska breweries who will be serving at this year's Downtown Do The Brew!! 


Backswing Brewery

Backswing Brewing Company is the brainchild of three friends whose love of great craft beer and mediocre golf brought them together. Through their interpretations of classic styles, Backswing Brewing Co. brews a variety of quality craft beer with a vision to continually innovate and expand its offerings. Backswing’s beer has met with rave reviews and, in its short time in the market, is already in more than 90 bars in eastern Nebraska. It’s honored to be part of a growing local craft beer community.

Blue Blood Brewing Co.

Blue Blood Brewing Co. was founded in December 2011 by three buddies, from the Lincoln Police Department, that had a love for craft beer and the Lincoln community. The President and Co-Founder, Brian Podwinski, has had the support of his team and a team of investors that have poured their hearts and souls into the brewery. It is this passion that fuels their craft.
In May of 2016, Blue Blood Brewing Co. moved to its new 12,000 sq.ft. brewery and taproom which sits above Robber’s Cave, a 5,000 sq.ft. maze of sandstone cave tunnels, the majority of which was created as lagering caverns in 1869 by Lincoln’s first brewery, Pioneer Brewing Co. 

Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Located in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market District, Brickway Brewery & Distillery taps into Omaha’s rich history by handcrafting beer and spirits that are as tried-and-true as the brick paved streets. Each beer is brewed fresh right on the premises according to strict standards, tested recipes, and years of experience. Brewmaster Zac Triemert is a local pioneer in the brewing and distilling industry and has been instrumental in bringing not only beer, but also distilled spirits, back to the Old Market with the first combination brewery/distillery since before Prohibition.

Brush Creek Brewing Company

Brush Creek Brewing Company is a local pub that makes all of their beverages in house! They offer a selection of outstanding beers for every palate, homemade Root Beer and Orange Soda, along with food catered in from Flat Iron Grill. They are a 7bbl brewpub in Atkinson, NE that opened November 1, 2016.

Empyrean Brewing Company

The ancients believed paradise existed at the highest point in the universe within a fiery sphere they called “The Empyrean.” Inspired by this sentiment, we set out to infuse every batch of our handcrafted ales with our own unique notion of paradise—take a journey with us, one sip at a time.

Fairfield Opera House Brewery & Grill

The Fairfield Opera House Brewery & Grill is housed in the town’s old opera house building. It has been refurbished to restore much of its old character and emphasizes a warm, casual eating and drinking environment. It’s a great place to enjoy an evening with friends for drinks and great food.

First Street Brewing Company

First Street Brewing Company is in the business of making quality craft beers and promoting the growth and usage of local ingredients. We believe a great beer can express the regional qualities of where it was made by incorporating local ingredients such as honey, herbs, grains and water. A First Street beer is truly a Taste of Hastings. Join us in the Tap Room Thursday through Sunday!

Kinkaider Brewing Co.

Kinkaider Brewing Co. is a farm brewery located in Broken Bow, the gateway to the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska.

Kinkaider was founded by four Nebraska boys, born & raised right here in the heartland. Our fathers, grandfathers & great grandfathers helped settle this land. Kinkaider Brewing Co. emulates the pioneer spirit that first settled this wild stretch of land called the Sandhills over 100 years ago.

Kros Strain Brewing Company

Like many of the 7,000 plus breweries out there today, Kros Strain Brewing (pronounced Cross Strain) was formed by a couple homebrewers that grew to love the hobby enough to ditch their previous college degrees and switch their career paths to the brewing industry.  In their previous careers, Bobby Kros (pronounced cross) worked as an engineer and Scott Strain came from a legislative background.

Brewing has been in their blood since at least 2006. They spent many years as homebrewers perfecting the craft, brewing for friends and family, entering competitions and even winning a few! They decided to go full bore into the beer industry in 2013 when we began brewing for a brewery. It was while learning the ropes as actual brewers that they began to realize they had similar goals and ideas.

Lazy Horse Brewing & Winery

Lazy Horse Brewing is a brewery set in the rural countryside of Fillmore County. Beautiful views and a relaxed atmosphere make Lazy Horse at perfect destination. Featuring delicious craft beer and wood-fired pizza makes this a destination you don't want to miss.

Lost Way Brewery

Lost Way Brewery’s mission is to provide the highest quality, locally and artisanal produced craft beer to the residents and visitors of Holdrege, Nebraska in a family friendly and educational environment.

Nebraska Brewing Company

Nebraska Brewing Company was formed in November of 2007 and has established itself as a Midwest Innovator of quality Craft Beers and artisanal Barrel-Aged Products.  Building on a reputation for quality, flavor, and creativity Nebraska Brewing Company strives to be a stand-out in an ever growing field.

Nebraska Brewing Company is proud to be a locally owned and operated. Small, independent, and pushing the envelope.

Pals Brewing Company

Our family brews beers we would want to drink and serves them to you like we would want to be served, in an environment we would want to be served in-welcome to the family!

Located a mere 4 minute drive off I-80, our family owned and operated brewery strives to deliver Great Beer for the Great Plains.

Prairie Pride Brewing Co.

We take great pride in believing that craft beer is an attitude and that flavor favors the bold. That bold attitude is what led us to imagine the Hopffalo as the perfect symbol for our mutual pride of place and love of craft beer. Inspired by this chimerical creature, we liken each style to a vast frontier of flavor begging to be roamed. Suffice it to say, we're good and proud to call the Great Plains home. And prouder still to brew plain great beer. Follow the Hopffalo.

Scratchtown Brewing company

Welcome to Scratchtown Brewing Company, the Nebraska Sandhills’ finest and first brewery. We opened our doors in 2013 and since have dedicated ourselves to brewing and serving an assortment of premium-quality handcrafted beer. We take pride in using four simple ingredients (water, malt, hops and yeast) to make complex and delicious beers. Our beer is made with some of the freshest, purest water on the planet – drawn from the Ogalala aquifer right under our feet.

Scriptown Brewing Company

Scriptown Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by Scott Stephens and John Fahrer. The two met in 2011 when Scott returned to Omaha after living in Portland OR where he worked in advertising. Over his 7 year stint in Portland, his love and appreciation for handcrafted beer stoked his interest in the process; so, when he moved back to his hometown of Omaha NE, he was introduced to John by a mutual friend and the journey began.

Steeple Brewing Company

We brew craft beer, inspired by the honest, hard-working folks that fill their glasses on Saturday night and do right by their neighbor on Sunday morning. Church, community and good beer are indelible parts of life on the Plains.

From the ladies preparing the potluck to that guy who falls asleep after every sermon, each of our beers is inspired by the colorful characters our brewmaster encountered during his time as a small-town pastor.

Thunderhead Brewing Company

Established in 1999. Thunderhead Brewing serves a delicious variety of beer handcrafted by an experienced staff of beer lovers. Pilsners, Porters, Stouts, IPAs, Fruit beers, Honey beers, barrel aged favorites, and even a firkin from time to time. Stop in for an ale and stay for a stone oven pizza.

Upstream Brewing Company

It would be wrong to say the freshest beer is automatically the best beer. But the best beer almost always tastes its best when it is, in marketing speak, at the peak of freshness. And it’s hard to get any fresher than beer brewed thirty feet away from your table. And it’s doubly hard to get any better than when that table is here at Upstream. But we suspect you already knew that.

Zipline Brewing Company

Marcus Powers, Tom Wilmoth, and James Gallentine founded Zipline Brewing Co. in 2012. With a strong belief in the premise that local beer brings people together, the trio set forth with a goal to connect with beer lovers and their communities. Their shared vision is that building a sustainable business means investing in the personal service that yields long-term relationships and turns customers into friends.