Oh No, Not Rules!

Yes, we do have to set a few ground rule. We want all of our attendees to enjoy this event safely. Just follow the simple rules and you're all set. 

  •  21 and up only. You must show valid photo ID for admission.
  • Don’t drink and drive! Get a ride, designate a driver or use our shuttle service provided by Good Samaritan Village.
  • Promotional photos and videos will be taken at this event and you grant permission for your likeness to be used.
  • Drink responsibly, know your limits!
  • This is a sampling event, 2 oz. tastes only!
  • No pets or children are allowed.
  • No outside drinks or food allowed.
  • Do The Brew  reserves the right, at our discretion, to remove any individual(s) from the event for inappropriate behavior. You will be escorted out by security and not allowed back in!
  • All exits are final. No alcohol is permitted otside the event.